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The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn
bio page    CRES minister emeritus


Additional publicity contact:
The Rev. Brian D. Ellison, Pastor
Parkville Presbyterian Church
819 Main Street
Parkville, MO  64152
a host and contributor at KCUR

RESPONSE #64 Networking Advice and Publicity Ideas for Your Event

Dear Friend:

1. Thank you for your interest in creating, offering, or learning about more programs, facilities, or opportunities in Kansas City to advance a sense of the sacred in our troubled times. Your constructive efforts deserve applause. 

2. I must reduce my role in personal responses to the many worthy networking requests I receive in order to focus on major writing projects and certain other obligations before I croak.  Because I am fading into retirement, because we no longer employ paid assistance, and because of a need to simplify our operations, we are no longer able to provide the networking service about which you may be interested.

3. Please check the cc: portion of the email address you have just received from me in case I have sent a copy of your request to a person or agency (one or more) I think might be able to help you.

4. CRES no longer maintains an email list for promotional purposes, as part of our encouraging others to assume the responsibilities we formerly fulfilled. This change occurred when we completed the final program we ourselves offered, Nov 22, 2009. INFORMATION.

5. You might find this list of KC Interfaith Opportunities useful (see section 2.2 although it is somewhat out- of-date). You may also want to contact the folks who maintain various calendars below and the Interfaith Council. Other sections of the CRES web site (try "archives") may provide additional background or leads for you.

6. If you wrote with a suggestion for my KC Star column, please read this.

 6a. In some cases, a Letter to the Editor may be useful to you -- use the form at
or mail hard copy to The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO. 64108. If you want to write a longer piece, consider an "As I See It" essay. The Star says it "welcomes essays of up to 600 words. An essay and a color photo of the writer should be sent by email to  or by mail to the above address. All submissions are edited, may be republished in any format and become property of The Star. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number."

7. As you'll see below, we no longer maintain a community calendar. We no longer publish our 12-page monthly color journal, MANY PATHS. We no longer maintain a mailing list. We encourage other organizations to provide these or similar services.

8. Thank you for thinking of the many faiths which comprise our community and which can offer insights into the troubling issues and amazing opportunities before us today.

Vern Barnet


9. LOCAL CALENDARS.-- The CRES website Calendar of all community events of multifaith interest was discontinued January 1, 2009 in order to recognize the many wonderful new interfaith groups now able to serve the metropolitan area. Our listing of CRES events ended June 30, 2010. We no longer maintain any calendars. We no longer publicize any events.

CRES continues to emphasize the wisdom of the world's traditions in healing our desacralized culture with the three-fold crises in the environment, in personhood, and in society -- and encourages other organizations to provide calendar service, such as these below: 

These web sites may not be up-to-date. Corrections are welcome.

Cultural Crossroads: 
For the monthly emailed calendar:
For the online calender:

The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council
CRES founded the Council in 1989 but spun it off in 2005.
Email your entries to

The annual fall Festival of Faiths:

Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance

LucysList-Kansas City calendar

Park University Interfaith Calendar

KC Olive Branch Calendar 
for peace and justice events -- website currently down

Interfaith Tracking (world wide) organizations and events

KC Urban Living blog
contact Claudia Scanlon

For news and annoucements of particular interest to Muslims, see
the Muslim News Digest, which includes local events. To submit information: info AT muslimnewsdigest DOT com.

The Kansas City Star* Faith Calendar:
To submit material to write
at least two weeks before the Saturday publication date.
The faith editor at The Star is Helen Gray,

*Vern is not a member of The Star staff. He works from home. His column normally concerns interfaith issues. The column is an unliklely place to find announcements about activities primarily of ecumenical or interdenominational interest. Lead time is considerable and columns are often scheduled weeks or even months in advance. For more information about Vern's column, please visit Star Column Idea.


Many calendars of the holidays in the world's religions can be found on the web, but a usually reliable and beautiful printed calendar is published each year by the 

Interfaith Marketplace 
PO Box 30041 
Seattle, WA 98113-0041
It is a bit expensive and suitable for gift-giving as well as your own easy reference.

Here are some of the on-line calendars for many faiths:

for 2012 -- via Huff Post

for 2012 -- NCCJtriad

via Amherst

Google calendar

Since web content is often changing, your own search for "interfaith calendar" may yeild excellent results.