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3948 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO 64111-2213
first house north of the Post Office parking lot
the blue squarish blob  on the map below
just north of the green Westport Road (not thru)
Mail to: Box 45414-8414, Kansas City, MO 64171
Location phone: 816 753 1633
House photo below map.
Many thanks!

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Wyandotte is two blocks east of Broadway, two blocks west of Main.
East of Main, W 47th Street becomes Emanuel Cleaver II  Blvd, formerly Brush Creek Blvd.
South of 43d Street  Broadway becomes J C Nichols Parkway, and Broadway becomes Wornall south of 47th.
Dear Chauffeur:  I am now automobile-ID-illiterate (though I still know my colors)
and often cars indistinguishable to me swirl around the post office parking lot, so when you arrive,
if you have a cell phone, you could call me to let me know you've arrived, and I'll pop out of my house for your car.


As indicated, the address is 3948 Wyandotte, Kansas City, MO 64111. It is the first house north of the Post Office parking lot; across Wyandotte is the Westport Branch Library; from which across Westport Road is catty-cornered Prydes of Old Westport; and at another odd-shaped corner is the (burned) Westport Presbyterian Church, all of which I can see from my study window. Maps/photos/directions at
NOTE the new expanded curbing at Main and Westport to slow traffic from Main to Westport. Also from

"Westport was originally designed for pedestrians and horses, hence the narrow streets and the zero lot line buildings. It’s roads were never intended to be a high-speed thoroughfares or arterial roadways for automobiles. At best, the narrow historic streets of Westport could function as low-speed neighborhood streets.

"With the addition of four-way stops at the Westport Road intersections with Pennsylvania Avenue and Mill Street, attempts are being made to bring this historic roadway back to the pedestrian focus it had lost when thousands of cars were speeding through just to avoid catching the next traffic light. A vehicular trip eastbound or westbound on Westport Road will now take longer with the recent traffic calming changes. At the same time, pedestrians will now find it easier – and safer – to cross Westport Road. Through traffic just trying to move from east to west across midtown are encouraged to consider alternative routes such as 39th Street, 31st Street, 43rd Street or 47th Street."