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The Catering Menu 
minimum order 4 
delivery $10 per order

Koshary a la carte  $8/person

Complete Meal     $12/person.
     Basboosa (dessert) 

Order the traditional vegetarian meal with exotic spices and home-made flavoring for your next get-together. 

Your friends and family 
will love this new and healthy option.

Plan ahead by calling 
     (913) 749 - 2927 
or message KCKoshary on FB.

Although we do list some places to eat or enjoy refreshments in Westport as a convenience for those who want to consult with members of the CRES staff, we do not ordinarily endorse places or services.

However, being recently treated to this delicious combination of healthy foods with choice of sauces was such an exceptional experience that we are happy to let others know about this new meal option now available in Kansas City metro.