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Please use this form for the plans you have made so far. You may copy and paste it into an email to vern@cres.org -- or download and complete this PDF, take a picture of it or scan it, and email it to vern@cres.org  or mail it to  Vern Barnet,  Box 45414, Kansas CIty, MO 64171.

Our wedding date 2021 _________ ____ Su M T W Th F Sa _____ am/pm

[If we plan a rehearsal, we want 2021 _________ ____ Su M Tu W Th F Sa _____ am/pm]

THE COUPLE: First party, Second party

1. Legal name
1. Age
1. Called what during the ceremony? Example: Taylor or Tae?
1. Address
1. City/State/Zip
1. Home phone
1. Work phone 
1. Cell phone
1. Email(s)

2. Legal name
2. Age
2. Called what during the ceremony? Example: Taylor or Tae?
2. Address
2. City/State/Zip
2. Home phone
2. Work phone 
2. Cell phone
2. Email(s)

PARTICIPANTS: Role, name(s), relationship (with children’s ages). 

*Please use terminology appropriate to your wedding.
two adult witnesses
* best man/left side attendant
* maid/matron of honor/right side attendant
* groomsmen/left side aides
* bridesmaids/right side aides
* bride’s escort
flower child
ring bearer

Please circle, check, complete, or cross out these items below.

1. We want our wedding to be legal / ceremonial only.
     a. very simple 
     b. traditional 
     c. custom

2. The ceremony should be
     a. civil (no religious references)
     b. spiritual but no particular faith
     c. clearly Christian 
     d. multi-faith
     e. other:

3. We’d like these special absent or deceased people mentioned:

4. We will write our own vows.  Yes / No / Maybe

5. We want to include our children in the ceremony. Yes / No / Maybe


6. We want to include these reading(s): ____________________________________________

7. We plan music — live / none / recorded

8. We plan printed programs. Yes / No 

9. Our parents plan to attend. Yes / No 

10. Everyone attending, including us, might total:

11. We do / do not want to see each other before the ceremony.

12. The wedding party and the couple enter by tradition / chapel plan / pairs / custom

13. Other:

14. We are presently out of town but both will arrive in KC on: _________________________

What makes a wedding ceremony?

A. Here is a list of basic elements and options and 

B. Here is an outline of an adaptable ceremony that some couples find useful. 

From the lists and from your ideas, what fits you and your wedding?

 Please return this form to Vern -- vern@cres.org   or   Box 45414, Kansas City, MO 64171.