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For videos about Vern's latest book with multi-faith themes, click:
Thanks for Noticing: The Interpretation of Desire

CBS Special Open Hearts, Open Minds
Complete half hour available on CD

Part one        (9 mins, 59 secs)

Part two        (3 mins, 25 secs)

Part five        (2 mins, 55 secs)

Vern Barnet introduces world religions at Blue River Metro Community College 2006
Complete session available on DVD

Part 0    (7 mins, 26 secs)
Intro to World Religions

Part 1    (8 mins, 2 secs)
Primal Religions

Part 2    (18 mins, 12 secs)
Asian Religions

Part 3    (10 mins, 45 secs)
Monotheistic Religions

Part 5    (3 mins, 14 secs)
Religion and Culture

Part 7    (6 mins, 50 secs)
A Paradoxical Story

Miscellaneous Videos
Talk Back Live with Steve Rose (29 min)


9/11 Commemoration Service 2002   (3 min)


The Spirit and Art

Portions of a video created for the Kansas City Interfaith Council in 2007 featuring remarks by Vern Barnet about the intimacy between art and spirituality.


Bureaucratic Insurance Kills People

Disclosing the immoralities in the insurance industry with a case study in Kansas City, with comments from Vern Barnet and others.

Vern Questioned by Fethullah Gulen Movement: