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A sand ceremony for blended families
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Examples of sand ceremonies for couples



Two styles of the Unity Candle assembly

In most circumstances, it is best for the set of Unity Candles be placed on the altar-table in the chancel area rather than a separate table on the chapel floor. The altar-table is a central focus and requires less movement by the bride and groom going from the chancel area to the chapel floor down and back up more steps. Side-stepping to the floor symbolically can detract from the sense of unity implicit in the Unity Candle ceremony itself.

Often the side candles are lit by the two mothers (sometimes before the wedding begins). During the ceremony, after the vows, the middle candle is lit from the side candles by the couple, silently or as the minister elucidates the meaning of the ritual.


Wine ceremony with vows on scrolls

Different styles of Handfasting -- click for larger image