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Hi Sara--

Unfortunately, Kansas City has no Alliance of Congregations, but it does have an Interfaith Council. Emergency planning has been a concern at least since Neal Colby persuaded the United Way to study this problem in 2003. The Council convener is the Rev Kelly Isola. The Council would be a better contact for you than my organization  Best greetings to your remarkable leader, David Warm! and thanks for the important work MARC does.

(Kansas City Tomorrow Class XII)
Ministry in a World of Many Faiths - Seminary course
The Rev Vern Barnet, DMn, CRES minister emeritus
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The Rev David E Nelson, DMin, CRES senior assoc minister
The Rev Josef Walker, CRES Community Chaplain
Maggie Finefrock, CRES Chief Learning Officer
Ed Chasteen, PhD, CRES Amity Shaman
Paul Haughey, scholar in residence

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