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GRACE AND HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL, 13th and Broadway, downtown Kansas City, MO
street, driveway, and air views 
of the Cathedral "close" (campus)
the library is called the Common Room
the offices are on the second floor
G=Gate to courtyard, FH, nave
 E=Entrance to complex 
Downtown map

Click here for images of Common Room set-up for small group interview.

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video: excerpt from the annual "Kirkin o' the Tartan" service,
Closing Procession with the Pipe and Drum Corp of the St. Andrew's Society of Kansas City.  .

Summer Singers: Mozart YouTube



Here is a basic Anglican chant using Psalm 150:
You'll hear how the number of syllables to a single pitch varies. 
This is a very simple single chant.

Here is the spoof on Anglican Chant using the weather report:
If you get bored, skip to near the end . . . . to 2 minutes 30 sec. 
Part of the many-leveled joke is how many syllables 
they have to sing to one note in some cases
and to drive the point home, 
they add a hypenated syllable here and there.

If you are interested in the basics of Anglican Chant, here is a 6-minute technical explanation:

The chants we use at GHTC are sung by our professional choir who add expressiveness to the Psalms. On those Sundays when I teach the 3-5 year olds, I don't mind missing hearing the sermon, but I do miss hearing the psalm. Different chants may be used with different psalms, and the same chant can be used with different psalms.

Here is what I wrote 
for one Sunday's emailed announcement: