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We draw upon the world's secular and religious traditions, respecting the perspectives of both doubter and believer.

“Vern worked with us 
to design the kind of 
ceremony we wanted, 
with excellent suggestions. 
We were really pleased. 

“Our families, from different backgrounds, were thrilled, 
and our friends keep talking 
about how special 
the wedding was.”



Pilgrim Chapel is able to assist you 
if you wish to employ recorded music. 
In this case, I suggest you choose someone as 
your “sound engineer” to cue the music as you wish.

Another option is live music. 

Here are
musicians I have worked with 
at Pilgram Chapel weddings recently.

Flute and Harp Duo
FLUTE -- Judy Johnson.
HARP -- Wesley Kelly


Rebecca Knechtel 913.299.7972