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National Interfaith Academies in Kansas City June 13-27
Public Events

Jun 13 Wed 3:00-4p 

Press Conference 

introducing the Interfaith Academies. 
Saint Paul School of Theology Hoelter Center Mtg Room 7, 
5123 E Truman Rd

Jun 18 Mon 6:30p reception Hors d'oeuvres & Beverages)
7:30p screeening |  9p panel and audience response
Divided We Fall:  Americans in the Aftermath
An expert panel and audience discussion follows a special showing of this  important film about religion and violence, in cooperation with OpenCircle 816  931 0738, at the Tivoli, followed by a panel with Tarunjit Singh Butalia (left), principal respondent, Dr John Thatamanil (right), Prof Yehezkel Landau, the Rev Peggy Thomas (from the Academies) and  Kansas City  Star religion columnist Bill Tammeus. The panel/audience Q&A is moderated by Dr Vern Barnet.
Tivoli Cinemas, 4050 Pennsylvania Ave; $8 including reception 
See panel above -- Tivoli Cinemas in Westport -- Open Circle's screening of DIVIDED WE FALL: AMERICANS IN THE AFTERMATH, is part of International Interfaith Academies for Religious Leaders that will be convening in Kansas City this month. In attendance that night --- along with you --- will be religious leaders and students from across the globe who are coming to Kansas City to strengthen and forward the work of the international interfaith movement.

Five years in the making, DIVIDED WE FALL invites audiences to experience the untold stories of 9/11. The film documents hate crimes against Sikhs, Muslims and others after 9/11 and examines how Americans react to the perceived "other" in times of war. The journey spirals into the larger question of who counts as 'one of us' in a world divided into 'us' and ‘them.’

A distinguished panel from the Interfaith Academies faculty with KC's own Bill Tammeus will offer insights along with those of the audience in an important conversation about healing the divide. Then you respond with questions and comments.


Jun 22 Fri 8-9p 

Scenes from The Hindu and the Cowboy and Other Kansas City Stories
The play was created from some 80 interviews of people of all faiths in the Kansas City area after the 2001 "Gifts of Pluralism" conference and has been performed many times in numerous venues. If you have not seen this astonishing local - and universal - play, some for these excerpts.
Saint Paul School of Theology, 5123 E Truman Rd

Jun 23 Sat 3-5p 
Religion and the Media -- 
panel discussion.
Participants include Tom Fox (former publisher, and before that, editor of The National Catholic Reporter), Dave Helling (media reporter for The Kansas City Star), Jack Cashill (editor of Ingram's), Bill Norton (assistant features editor at The Kansas City Star), and Fatimeh Al-Zahra (former editor of the UMKC campus paper).
Saint Paul School of Theology Hoelter Center Mtg Room 7, 5123 E Truman Rd