CRES founded 1982  —   Pilgrim Chapel   —   816.753.6719
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We draw upon the worlds secular and religious traditions,
respecting the perspectives of both doubter and believer.

“Vern worked helped us make our wedding anniverssary
a special joy
for our children and parents.

We were married
at the Chapel. We wanted,
just the two of us,
 with no one else,
to say to each other
the vows we renew
every day in our hearts.

Pilgrim Chapel is an exceptionally beautiful site for the occasion of renewing your vows, and I am delighted the folks there have invited me to help you plan and lead your ceremony, whether private or with many guests, simple or as part of many festivities.

Please email me with any responses you might have to the following items:

0. The date, day, and time for the ceremony.

1. Both your names and how you would like to be addressed.

2. Your preferred contact information.

3. How many years have you known each other?

4. How many years have you been married?

5. Were you married at Pilgrim Chapel or elsewhere?

6. Who are you inviting to the ceremony?

7. Will the ceremony be preceded or followed by any other gathering or festivity, such as a brunch?

8. If you have any materials (readings, for example) you'd like me to use, please send them to me. I'll have traditional vows handy, but if you wrote your own or are writing new ones, let's use them!

9. Do you have children or others you want to be part of the ceremony? If so, how, or would you like ideas from me?

10. Is this a surprise for your spouse?

11. How woud you like to adapt either of the following, or prepare your own ceremomy plans?

11a. A simple ceremony might include the following:
   * Greeting
   * Reading
   * Exchange of Vows
(and kiss)
   * Concluding Congratulations and Best Wishes

11b. A simple Christian ceremony might include the following:
   * Greeting
   * Reading
   * Prayer
   * Exchange of Vows (and kiss)
   * Congratulations and Best Wishes
   * Benediction

If you would like to meet by Zoom for planning, click here or scroll down.

The folks at Pilgrim Chapel and I want planning 
your ceremony to be convenient and cordial, and your experience joyous and memorable. Vow Renewals are a gift to everyone involved -- a blessing -- and I am delighted to look forward to meeting you both and being a part of your celebration!

Vern    Box 45414, KCMO 64171
The Rev Vern Barnet, DMn


Zoom planning

Please send me as many responses to the items above as you are able at this stage in your planning. Then we can find a time when we can meet. 

I am never available Sunday mornings, but my daytime schedule is irregular and often fexible. Evenings are more difficult but might be possible. Often I am available one or more of these times: 

    Mondays 8 am  Central Time
    Tuesdays 7 pm  Central Time
    Fridays 10 am  Central Time
    Saturdays 8 am  Central Time
If none of these times works for you, let me know and we'll find a time!  
Vern Barnet