A servant church in the heart of the city

Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi


Next Meeting Agenda DRAFT
Sept 17 Sunday 6-8 pm, Common Room

1. Grace at Meals, BCP 835 #70
2. Light meal
3. Personal reflections--
    Favorite spots in the nave (with gallery), chancel, and chapel

4. Prioritizing projects including 
    How visible should the Committee be in its work (item by item)?
     Before our meeting, please review this list. Send me additions for tiny, middle, and huge projects you would like to see added that fit within our job description and I'll get them on the webpage and also in the final agenda.
   a. How would you word or reword your top three items?
   b. What points of view might we find about these items within the congregation?
   c. What information, resources, and coordination might be required?
   d. How could we arrange them within a sequence with others that would be most productive?

5a. Report from the Vestry -- Chuck

5b. Reports-- Being helpful per our Job Description, a portion of which in #3 says "Specifically, with the Dean, Music Director, and others, help plan seasonal liturgies."
    a. ideas from Dean Peter
    b. ideas from Music Director Paul 

6a. Additions to the agenda
6b. Budget proposals for 2018

7. Set date/time for next mtg -- Oct ??
8. Reflections on the meeting
9. Concluding prayer 

170806 Meeting Agenda

2017 Aug 6 Sunday 11:45 - 12:45

1. Opening prayer Psalm 150 BCP 807
2. Personal reflections in small groups 
    with key objects
3. Welcomes
    - Music Director Paul
    - Young Adult Coord. Marco 
    - Chris Morgan, Newcomer Team
    - Canon Evelyn Hornaday 
    - Sacristan Sharon Sprague
4. Forwarding our draft job description to the Vestry
5. Reports
6. Additions to the agenda
7. Set date/time for next mtg
    Sept 17 Sun 6 pm after Choral Evensong?
8. Reflections on the meeting
9. Concluding prayer BCP 836:1,3,6

170806 Report

Our 2017 Aug 6 meeting
     After praying Psalm 150, we broke into four small groups, respectively considering the meaning of a stole, a candlestick holder, the BCP, and the Hymnal; and when the whole group reconvened, we shared thoughts about our experiences.
     We welcomed Canon "REVelyn"  briefly; and Music Director Paul and Young Adult Coordinator Marco; and guest Chris Morgan, head of the Newcomer Committee, who later commended items 4, 13, 3, and 1 of our Possible Projects.
     We discussed and amended the Committee's draft job description and voted unanimously to forward it to the Vestry.
     Our website was mentioned, particularly the notes for the Digital Bulletin in the Archive section and the Pending material.
     We decided to meet next for a light meal 6-8 pm Sept 17 following Choral Evensong.
     Following reflections on the meeting, we ended with BCP prayer, page 836:1,3,6.
     Thanks to Mark, Matt, John, Peter, Sharon, and the church staff who helped with the "props" for our time together.

Background for an August, 2017, report to the Vestry--


Specifically concerning the Strategic Plan 2017 initiative--
     (a) We have formed a Worship Committee with the Dean, other staff, and lay members.
     (b) We recognize a variety of perspectives and needs, and are learning to understand them as exemplified by the members of the Committee. By building spirit through team exercises before formal research within the entire congregation is attempted, we want to provide assurance and to gain expertise, working with and/or supporting all involved in our worship practices.

As an initial way of building confidence and skill, the committee has --
     (1) announced that we welcome anyone who wishes to join,
     (2) developed a job description in light of the Strategic Plan
     (3) provided a weekly enrichment to the worship services for those interested, and
     (4) begun enumerating short, medium, and long-term possible projects..
     (5) These are archived and updated on an indexed web site,   ( This can be accessed by entering www.cres.org/g  which forwards to  http://www.cres.org/GHTC/ .)

Note.-- I do not think it is appropriate at this time to survey the congregation. Before launching an activity that might generate a sense of instability, since the Committee is new, the Committee first needs (1) to gain more experience working together, (2) to prioritize and complete small perfections, and (3) to earn its place in the Cathedral structure. I realize "research" is part of the initiative for 2017, and informal research is happening! (I've been surprised by how many people have sought me out in my new capacity as chair, even though the Committee is barely visible in the wider congregation.) I think Committee members -- certainly including me -- need more time on the "learning curve" before we attempt formal surveys or other measures of congregational appreciations and desires. Worshiping God, celebrating His grace, brings us together, and is a distinctive witness to the City of His love. We want to proceed in the most inclusive and effective ways toward the Goal.set forth in the Strategic Plan.

Vern Barnet

170702 Meeting Agenda

Cathedral Worship Committee 
2017 July 2 Sunday 9:15-10 am


0.— Open mtg by praying Psalm 96:1-9.

1.— Learn about each others' particular interests in worship and serving on the committee — why worship is important to us and what we might contribute to the committee's ministry. 

     For ourselves and for many unchurched or unfulfilled by their current affiliation, how can we make more evident in our worship that all human needs are embraced in the practice of our faith? People come to church for many reasons; sometimes they feel guided to attend without even being able to say why. How can we do more toward the fulfillment of needs to deep for words?

 — a way of giving thanks to God for the gifts of life, including particularly for the life and teachings of Jesus.
— primarily an assembly of a community bound by heritage, present relationships, and hope for the future.
— a program for reassurance and edification.
— an immersion in a beautiful space with beautiful music and beautiful symbolic actions.
— a “charging station” to get us through the week of work and responsibilities.
— sacred play or an art form.
     Is worship something we offer to God or is it something we do for ourselves?

2.— Work on a first draft of a “job description” for the committee. (See draft below.)

3.— Additions to agenda.

5. —

7.— Confirm any assignments.

8.— Consider when we might meet next.
Suggestion: 11:45 or 11:50 Sunday Aug 7.

9.— Concluding prayer, #58, BCP p832.

Jun 23, 2017, at 2:59 PM
SUBJ: July 2 Sunday 9:15 
Worship Committee forming 

Dear Cathedral Friends--
      Our Senior Warden has asked me to launch a worship committee as part of the Cathedral's new strategic plan (http://www.kccathedral.org/wp-content/uploads/SP-Informational-Sheet.pdf).
Thanks to those who initially volunteered -- and to those who've allowed me to add your name! 
     I'm also sending this email to several others whose ministries relate to worship, including our Dean, Director of Music, our Sacristan, our Head Usher, and our Former Junior Warden. When Marco Serrano (the new Young Adult Ministries Coordinator) and the Reverend Canon Evelyn Hornaday arrive, I'll be sure to let them as well know of our activity.
     Our work will surely enhance our own spiritual lives as well as serve the Cathedral and the future. "Liturgy" means "work of the people," and all of us, clergy and laity, are partners in worship. 
     Let's plan an initial meeting July 2 Sunday morning 9:15-10 in a corner of Founders Hall. Let's accomplish three things:
     1.-- Learn about each others' particular interests in worship and serving on the committee.
     2.-- Work on a first draft of a "job description" for the committee. 
     3.-- Consider when we might meet next.
Gratefully yours, Vern