Back on planet earth, 
trying to keep a cosmic perspective of responsibiity to one another . . .

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Joyce DiDonato on COVID-19:
 [We] have all been plunged into a Buddhist boot camp  where our only sane option is to truly live in the moment.

Apr 4, 1968: MLKing assassinated

Interfaith Center 
at Miami University 
in association with CRES

A God Atheists Can Believe In

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In Memoriam:ALVIN SYKES  d. 2021 March 19    NYTimes Obit

Bill Tammeus on the Insurrection

Vern:  The Meanings of COVID-19

Virtual Communion?

Brutality in the name of MLKing?
Renaming the fountain in Mill Creek Park

KC Interfaith History 
A Panel Zoom Discussion -- Feb 21 Sun 2p 

In Memory of Wallace Hartsfield